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OliRay software development agency promises quality production web applications.

Whether you are a small start-up or a global tech giant, we can build a modern tech solution that suits your needs.

About us

Founded in 2013, OliRay is a thriving software development agency that promises quality production web applications.

Our co-founders strive for excellence in the development, deployment and long term support of projects big and small.

Image of Oli - co-founder of oliray
Oli - co-founder
Image of Ray - co-founder of oliray
Ray - co-founder
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Why work with us?

  • Experience

    We have worked with over 30 clients across a range of industries, from E-commerce to aerospace! The benefit of working with a seasoned team is that you can be sure we can provide accurate product timelines and pricing that is competitive and truly reflective of industry standards.

  • Creativity

    We're not satisfied with 'good enough'. We love building incredible applications and websites that stand out from the crowd. Good developers aren't hard to find, but we can do one better!

  • Understanding

    We work closely with our clients to provide a tailored solution, we don't do boilerplate, we don't do cookie cutter, we listen to your unique needs and will always strive to understand what matters to you.

Image showing work done by oliray

Enjoy custom-made software solutions crafted with your unique needs and future plans in mind.

"OliRay were brilliant at taking the time to understand my vision, driving me to introspect on what I wanted and what the product needed.
—Aldous Hamilton, Digital Dojo
Image showing work done by oliray

Work with professionals that know how to balance cutting edge with tried and tested technology.

"I didn't want a developer team that would tie me to tech stack that would be unknown or obsolete within five years, OliRay guided towards a path where I got the best of both worlds.
— Ngozi Wheeler, Paragon PNG
Image showing work done by oliray

Safeguard the future success of your company and stay competitive in the global market.

"Medical imaging is a rapidly developing area and the market is super competitive, but not all offerings are good quality OliRay helped me get ahead and ultimately I feel that is better fpr patients everywhere.
— Dr Katherine Brewer, Histo-logik

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